Security is an essential need and a source of motivation for an average individual. The need to secure what you consider valuable is paramount. People tend to react whenever something threatens their security. You will not be happy if you discover that someone is spying on you using a hidden spy cam. You will feel like he is invading your privacy which is also an aspect of your security. In some cases, you may even take legal action against the person who does it. This is just an example of how people value security. Security actually goes beyond you; it also extends to your properties and belongings.

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The uses of cameras for securing properties are fast becoming the order of the day. People now apply them to secure their homes, workplaces, and cars. People who can afford it will choose to go for a dual dash cam for extra safety. Talking about dash cams, they have been doing a great job in ensuring car safety. The knowledge of your car has a dash cam will scare off potential threats. For those who want to get a dash cam for their cars, here is a detailed idea of the best dash cams. This review will guide you on how to get the best dash cam to meet your needs.

The Old Shark

This is the perfect definition of affordable. Not just because it is pocket-friendly but also because it has more value for your money. This Garmin dash cam gives you the 1080p video recording experience. Also, it has a wide range of coverage of more than 160 degrees. It also has night vision (inbuilt infrared light reader), so you do not have to worry about using it at night or in low light conditions. It’s also user-friendly as it turns on automatically once you start the engine of your car. It also works with a loop recording system which helps to maintain optimal use of space. It supports SD of up to 32GB storage worth.

Apeman Series A

This is another very good option when choosing a Garmin dash cam. It comes with an improvement in terms of sensors and image quality. With a 170-degree view, it gives your eyes on even oncoming traffic. It also creates artistic footage even with very low light available. It has an internal power but it still runs on external power. The internal power is for emergency file backup. Talking about emergency backup, this dash cam has more up its sleeves. This dashcam automatically records videos of unexpected accidents and saves the videos of such incidents. It’s also recorded in parking mode.

Nexar Smart Dash Cam

If you are looking for a smart dash cam, then you should be looking in this direction. This dash cam automatically records and saves incidents it classifies as dangerous. Its video quality is really good. This can be as simple as a hard brake. You can connect it to your phone using the Nexar app. Its image quality is still a bargain with a 720p. In the case of an accident, you can use the “1-Click Report” button. This generates a report with related video clips and relevant data like your location, timeline, and impact/speed analysis.

Last Word

Dash cams are a great addition to your car and you should make an effort to get one. They are always beneficial both now and in the long run.

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