You may consider nightstands are just a nice part of the furniture to have in a living room. They are in fact private workhorses! The final thing you want to do as you drift off to sleep is to get out of bed and walk across the bedroom to switch off the light or for a glass of water—but a bedside stand can keep a light and glass nearby. Even if you only study on your tablet, it is still good to have a bedside light to dim the room as you organize to sleep. A modern nightstand is also a useful stand to charge your mobile, hold your alarm clock, stash lotion or an eye mask, or provide additional space in a small living room.

How to Select The Best Nightstands?

The best nightstand for your living room will fit into your work with your decor. You can get them in a variety of sizes and designs, from mid-century modern to modern styles.

Depending on the space you require and the size of your bedroom, you may select a simple table, a nightstand with a just single small drawer, or a single with 2 or more drawers that can hold documents or even clothing.

If you are searching for a nightstand for a kid’s room, a bookshelf to hold bedtime books or their preferred stuffed animals can be handy, too. Judge one of these selections to locate the best nightstand for your bedroom.

If you are dressing a guest room or rental, you may not want to pay a lot of money on a nightstand. Even if this is for your main bedroom, if you are garnishing on a financial plan, you may choose to spend extra on bigger-ticket things like a mattress or comforter, as an alternative.

How Much You Should Spend?

Price is also an important part of choosing the best nightstand. There are a few ways to stay on price without changing the style. You can search for a nightstand made of a low-cost material, like metal or MDF with a wood finish, an alternative to solid wood. Selecting a stand with fewer bells and whistles will save you cost as well. And, if you assemble it manually, that can make it even more reasonable.

So, Let’s read our selected best nightstands reviews and think about which one you need.

5 Best Nightstands​ For Consumers

It was not possible to select these nightstands by our experts. This time we have taken users’ experience and picked the 5 best nightstands for you. So, let’s see them-

Winsome Wood Beechwood End/Accent

Winsome Wood Beechwood
Winsome Wood Beechwood

If you are looking to add storage to your living room, it can be a good place to keep documents, and personal books, or even act as an additional dresser drawer for items like t-shirts or short pants.

Let’s be frank—any stuff you can use to keep the bedroom organized will assist you to rest at night.

If you are searching for a nightstand with storage, consider a 2 drawer option. The Winsome Wood Beechwood boasts 2 drawers but is still raised up on its feet so it doesn’t have the weighty look of some storage nightstands. On the top part, you need just sufficient space to hold a small table lamp and possibly a book or telephone, so you don’t actually require too much surface area!

The Winsome Wood Beechwood End/Accent has all of that, containing a standard design with stylish detailing along the edges. The finishing is a versatile color that will match many design plans, though it is available in 4 colors.

You are sure to enjoy this one because more than 4,000 customers have given it a positive review on Amazon.

Prepac Sonoma Tall 2-Drawer Nightstand

Prepac Sonoma Tall 2 Drawer Stand
Prepac Sonoma Nightstand

There is storage, and then there is well-organized storage. The Sonoma Tall 2 Drawer with an open cubby brings you the latter.

Not ending at two big size drawers, those prepared for keeping all your variety, this bedside table also proposes you an open cubby for those objects you don’t need completely hidden away. Load your documents, light, alarm clock, and your regular stuff on top, and enjoy waking up next to this operative piece of bedroom furniture. Organize it with other space-saving sections from the Sonoma Bedroom Collection!

This product is finished with curved top edges, a bent bottom section, and round brushed durable nickel knobs. Built from CARB-compliant, coated composite woods with a strong MDF drawer side. Prepac Sonoma Tall 2-Drawer with an open cubby in the black finish has a strong top to load on your books, cell phone, clock, table lamp, and more. The stand is made from CARB-compliant coated composite woods which present a stylish look to any room.

Peach Tree Bedroom Furniture

Peach Tree Bedroom Furniture
Peach Tree Bedroom Furniture

For most buyers, the best nightstand will have a pleasant, great design that works in many rooms. The usual style contains one or two tiny drawers at the top to keep personal items, with also a shelf below for extra space. Some just have legs bottom for an airier look.

On the upper portion, you need just enough space to keep a small table lamp and possibly a book or phone, so you don’t really need a bigger surface.

The Peach Tree Bedroom Furniture has all of that, containing a standard design with stylish detailing along the edges. The double-black finish is a versatile color that will work with many design schemes; however, it’s obtainable in two colors.

Leick 9067-MED Favorite Finds Nightstand

Leick 9067 MED Favorite Finds Nightstand
Leick 9067 MED Favorite Finds Nightstand

If you think about the color combination, the russet will have a little more red in the end, the standard oak will contain a little more brown.

If you need to charge your phone at night or to read a book, it makes it logical to have these things plugged in right next to your bed. But that can guide to the confusion of untidy-looking cords cluttering up an area that should be soothing and calming.

The Leick 9067-MED Favorite Finds drawer is large enough for one remote control and, one book, and all surfaces are complete and very strong. The shelf is positioned on 4 plane headpins (like bookshelves have) and you make tighter the top part of the table too. This is a very well-designed stand, strong and high quality. This is not hard to put together.

Sydney Metal Nightstand Antique Brushed Gold

Sydney Metal Nightstand Antique Brushed Gold Nightstand
Sydney Metal Nightstand

This metal-made will not take more than 10 minutes or so to assemble. Assembly is straightforward. All pieces come intact, containing the glass tabletop. It’s greatly worth the cost.

While most nightstands can run you $100 or more, the Sydney Metal Nightstand Antique Brushed Gold nightstand comes in under $60 for a genuinely good deal. The antique brushed gold color construction is simple and cheerful.

The glass is wide, light but strong, and gorgeous. It matches almost every bed. It will fit your needs completely. The honesty of the bottom shelf allows you to use a holder of your choice to bring color and storage room to the product.

As a disadvantage, we assembled it with all bolts unbound, squared it up, and then tightened things down. Common sense, but it is not mentioned in the assembly guidelines.

Last Word

For you to pick the best nightstand, you will need to have an idea of the top-rated nightstand models offered on the market. Because of this, Premium Review recommends that you choose several recommendations in this article. These should provide a lead to assist you to choose the best part of bedroom furniture.


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