Which feature makes for the best gaming headset? Well, our gamers tested top-sell gaming headsets to find out, but the most common answer is sound quality. Obviously, you can make a couple of cans as comfortable and feature-packed as possible. But if you don’t have a roaring base, very good noise-canceling, and pinpoint surround sound then you are never going to be the best. With the complete plan of selecting the best gaming headset, you can pay for getting that better sound.

We set all the subsequent gaming headsets through their paces, with many types of games, but also with music and videos. If you are paying a good amount for the best gaming headsets you can, you need to know that are not just the best for gaming. We also did some yelling at their microphones, keeping the voice clean obviously, and wore these headsets for a long time to analyze just how comfortable they really are.

For us, the HyperX Cloud is still the best gaming headset now. But there are some excellent competitors from Sennheiser, SteelSeries, and more that provide a great gaming sound for reasonable costs. Here are our 5 favorites and tested headsets lists.  If you’d rather keep your ears free, check out the best computer speakers this year.

What is The Best Gaming Headset You Should Buy?

Sometimes to obtain the full understanding of the most excellent PC games on offer, you need to buy a headset. Any headset is not just the subject, one of our selections of the best gaming headsets, because we have tested, used, and carefully tinkered with every set on this list with different titles, to confirm that they actually are worth the moniker.

While most of the top-rated PS4 headsets and Xbox One headsets will play with your computer, it’s worth searching for a PC Gaming headset that works best with your setting. Budget-wise, there is no need to pay out the earth, just concentrate on what you desire to use your headset for. So without further argument here are the top-rated gaming headsets you can buy this year.

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Top-Rated Gaming Headsets from Our Gamers

It’s not exactly a lab test. Our gamers played for a few days to check the headphones and at last, they decided and shortlisted the best gaming headsets. Here is the list and details are given below.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

We suggest the HyperX Cloud II if you don’t mind paying slightly more than the entry range of gaming headsets and aren’t that great with 7.1 surround sound technology.

Other than the surround sound effect, the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset does extremely well in all single features of gaming headset technology. Super-soft filled headband with large ear pads that infancy your head and relieve your ears through a long time of gaming.

As far as its design goes, anything existing in the HyperX Cloud II has some of other ease issues related to it.

It is detachable and feels great to the touch. By being removable with a strong building, you can keep it away when you simply wish to play solo games or are listening to music while finishing that long awaiting web development task. Then there are those memory foam ear protections that just melt onto your ears, caressing them and padding your head together. You acquire to pick the one which goes with your ears the best. Good to see somebody proposing customization in gaming headsets without charging a huge amount.

HyperX Cloud II somehow controlled to make the specifications understand like that of a Bose or CorsAir headset without spending the same. The driver sizes are 53mm so you know the bass is effective with the difference between each beat where the high and low beats are different from the mids always.

There is a very good sound period making with these 53mm driver speakers because of the maximum 25KHz frequency response range. Besides, the total harmonic distortion is calculated at less than 2% and the small impedance is a maximum of 60 ohms for each system. All this converts to approximate audiophile-quality stereo sound regeneration in a gaming headset.

EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset

If you are searching for a perfect and smart gaming headset and you are on a smart budget, we may suggest EKSA E900 Pro Dual Audio for you. This headset is built for gaming, it guarantees to give that real gaming experience. Boasting 7.1 Surround Sound, you will experience that immersive experience on your PC or Xbox.

The E900 PRO combines 7.1 virtual Surround Sound and dynamic audio to produce an excellent acoustic gaming experience for hardcore gamers. While we are not professional gamers, we like to experiment occasionally and have quickly become accustomed to their comfortable, lightweight but smooth feel.

We’ve worn them for a long time at a stretch with no bad effects. To our newbie’s ears, the sound is great and smooth; with clarity and quality.

The EKSA E900 Pro dual audio headset has performed just as we and our gamers expected. It places perfectly over the ears and doesn’t make pressure on the head. The audio quality issuing from either headset is also really good considering how reasonably priced this headset is.

This headphone handles high pitch notes and bass equally well along with both high and quiet sounds. The most important thing is these headsets really offered an immersive playing experience as the 7.1 surround sound allowed us to notice accurately where enemies were approaching from as gamers played their games. This headset offers a great fit and outstanding sound quality for a low budget.

Sennheiser Game Zero Gaming Headset

Sennheiser has released stellar products for the headphone market that the marketplace has been very pleased with. They don’t have good skills in the gaming marketplace, but you can think of their ingenuity and audio system for a top-rated gaming headset.

Concentrate on all the features as that is what puts one gaming headset, especially from the other. It might be the case that it has all the features you are searching for. Although, a list of features is not sufficient; also, you have to know how fine each feature has been performed. For instance, one product might not have a good execution regarding a noise-removing microphone compared to another one.

You can purchase the GAME ZERO headset in white or black depending on your choice. The complete design is weighty, which allows the ear pads to be big, and they have an egg shape. The final outcome is one where the ear pads can simply touch around your ears. This means no stress is applied to the ears themselves. Also, there is a soft band for the head, which easily fits on the top of your head.

Even if you are one of those users that analyze each flaw of a product will appreciate the class of the audio here, after all, it’s a Sennheiser headset we are discussing here. Also, the noise-canceling microphone has a frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz. This permits you to communicate well with your groups when you are in a multiplayer game.

The headset also has a carrying case and you can fold it to fit the case properly. This is perfect if you are interested in buying the best gaming headset when you are going to play at another location. It will be a great touch for you.

Razer Kraken Forged Edition Gaming Headset

Razer remade its well-known Kraken cans into a more polished and stylish presentation. The fully adjustable headband with the lightweight foldable design has been swapped for the Forged Edition’s more stylish black leather dealing.

The ear cups outside are completed of matte silver aircraft-grade aluminum, which is both strong and smart. The headphones are also prepared with a pair of strong metal joints, allowing listeners to fast-fold the interior of the cans and put them in the integrated hard carrying case for trouble-free storage.

While the Kraken headsets are attractive to look at, they are even nicer to put in the head. The center of the cups is padded in black leatherette overlay memory foam. Our gamers wore the headphones for 4 hours on a multiplayer game. Through our 4-hour test, the cans remained easy, providing a soft pad for the part around our ears.

They are using a pair of 40mm neodymium-magnet drivers in Kraken Forged Edition headsets. The manufacturer designed the cans smartly, which avoids sound leakage. Razer commits hard bass and clear mids.

One thing is to confirm: the Kraken Forged Edition headsets definitely roar. When using our mobile to listen to music, setting the volume up to 50% was enough to drown out surrounding sounds. It was a really painful experience when we raised the volume to full.

When it’s about playing music, the Forged Editions have a few consistency issues, but for gaming, it’s perfect as a rock. As our gamers played through a few different titles, they enjoyed the clear boom sound. Also, the in-line microphone lets gamers talk with teammates and provides loud and clear sound on both sides.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset

Enter SteelSeries latest evolution of its Arctis wireless headset sector, the Arctis 7 2019 edition. Armed with premium S1 speaker drivers, powerful peripherals, and building upon the already best-in-class design of the previous Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro.

The Arctis 7 has enhanced upon the size of its predecessors to become the best gaming headset available.

The Arctis 7 comes in white and black colors. Though there are 2 separate models, SteelSeries keeps the packaging and presentation basically the same. Each model is packed in a thick cardboard box, nestled in molded plastic along with any covered peripherals. All essential wires are boxed, and the wireless model comes with a pair of rechargeable battery packs.

It would be simple to mistake the Arctis 7 new edition headset for Arctis Pro – they look almost the same. The only important difference is a new matte black & smooth finish that changes the dark matte grey painted on the old version of Arctis gaming headsets.

This set uses the same single size and fits, auto-fitting suspension headband, and athletic-inspired performance fabric Air Weave ear cushions which keep your ear cool and dry as the Arctis Pro and old 7. Given its lightweight, the goggle strap lets the headset rest smoothly on your head, making it extremely comfortable to wear. Also, it gives the new Arctis 7 a much more simple profile than the other gaming headsets.

This new edition is the best-sounding headset we have ever reviewed. Even with a simple 3.5mm cable connection, this is a remarkable step up from our other listed headsets in terms of overall audio quality. But when connected with either the Hi-Res wireless box, the whole listening experience is elevated to levels that are all together ethereal and explosive.

CORSAIR Void PRO Gaming Headset

Corsair made their brand new Corsair Void Gaming Headset and we all know that the old model headsets were really a big hit, mainly their wireless RGB headset.

Today, this is our last and 5th selection. The Corsair Void Pro makes use of the 50 mm neodymium speaker drivers to provide huge, crisp, and premium sound at a maximum of 20,000Hz.

The headset is well-matched with almost all devices around which include the latest and most popular gaming platforms of today.

If you are surprised if the headset is well-matched with the latest popular gaming consoles, there will not be much of a problem since it is listed on the box that the Corsair Void Pro is supported on the following: PC, PS4, Xbox, and almost all mobile devices. It also listed on the box that the Dolby 7.1 surround will be available only for PC gaming by a USB adapter and the rest will only receive stereo output. These are the most attractive features of the Corsair Void Pro.

But, by our gamer experience, it is not really a headset that surrounds sound but it is a common stereo headphone that functions and works just like one because of the dongle or adapter.

We think that Dolby Labs did a really great job in adjusting the echo effects of the headphone to make it seem like the sounds are playing from the sides and behind your head, so all in all; you have actually a good sound quality that is basically enjoyable, particularly for gaming.

Last Word

This is not the final and selected list for you. You may need a list of wireless headphones to make it easier. Don’t worry; we are coming with the best wireless gaming headsets next time. Keep your eyes here.


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