We are serious when it’s about the audio systems. If you search for a pair of home-use computer speakers for regular use, or a massive 5.1 home theater system for some serious dungeon crawling, you should read our lab test review here. No matter what your speaker needs may be, below you will get the ideal audio system to level up your PC sound setup. For additional detailed information on the best computer speakers, see our tested smart speakers and buying advice before buying.

Which one is the Best Computer Speaker?

First of all, everyone should think about sound, design, build, and value before buying a speaker system for a personal computer or home use. If you want to go without wire, you can read our Best Wireless Speakers Review.

When it’s about speakers, audio quality can appear nebulous, but it is always master, and we would never suggest a couple of sound systems that don’t present the real best sound. System power and driver dimension can also be vital, and it’s something we take into mind. Be serious before buying the speaker. Don’t be fooled by the number of drivers. Remember forever that larger does not mean something better. Also, confirm to check our buying guideline sector where we write this in more detail for you. We will never put a note of when a pair of speakers is made correctly.

Sound value is significant to us and also, should be important to you. For most computer components, build quality is more often linked with the component’s stability than performance. However, when talking about speakers, the converse is right. Because of the way a speaker generates sound, those with low-quality designs or low-priced constructs will almost always sound bad. Your budget will remain in this regular search for the best computer speakers within reason, and that brings us to our last judgment: value.

5 Best Computer Speakers We Found

Our selected top-rated PC speakers list is updated below. This is not the final list of the best computer speakers. You know we are updating this list regularly.

Audioengine A2+ 2-Way Speaker

We were very excited when we tested this computer sound system in our lab. The new Audioengine A2+ is Audioengine’s hottest PC speaker. This is an update to the previous Audioengine A2 that’s been on the sell for quite a short time.

While we didn’t have the possibility to evaluate the genuine Audioengine A2, we have been informed that the sound uniqueness on both the A2 and the A2+ is very similar with the variety being that this A2+ model now also contains an integrated DAC, a volume controller, variable RCA connections, an upgraded power supply, and upgraded accessories. Beyond that though, our analysis should be able to cover the Audioengine A2+ as this uses the same custom-made boxes featuring Audioengine’s 2.75 inches Kevlar woofers and their 0.75 inches silk dome tweeters. This review also covers the Audioengine A2.

For this evaluation, we changed between a number of various input sources containing the Creative’s Sound Blaster ZxR soundcard’s RCA outputs, the Audioengine D1 DAC’s RCA outputs, the USB input of the Audioengine A2+ itself, and our lab desktop’s Realtek ALC1220-VB integrated audio. The motive for this is that, unlike most speakers on the market, the Audioengine A2+ contains not only an internal amp but also a fixed DAC making it a real plug-and-play solution for the best sound quality.

In comparison to the built-in Realtek ALC1220-VB audio system on our lab desktop PCs, a big gap in clarity is instantly detectable. Additionally, the TI/Burr-Brown PCM2704C also appears to provide the Audioengine 2+ speakers an enhanced dynamic range and a hard sound in comparison to the built-in Realtek ALC1220-VB system.

Edifier R1700BT Speaker

The Edifier R1700BT sound systems are a highly appealing offer. This is smart-looking, the desktop speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 streaming. We don’t mind as the contrasting walnut wood effect vinyl and the black body appears pretty smart.

There is a pair of smart design touches that we like, too. For example, the speakers are made with a 10-degree upwards slope, which Edifier rights are to confirm the sound is squarely aimed at the listener. We also like how the rotary manages for volume, bass, and treble are cleanly nested in a tiny cut-away section on the side of the right driver.

It means the control panels aren’t at the rear of the audio system or marring the speaker’s front side. Also, left-hander users may not be too satisfied with the control placement.

The speaker system comes with a thin plastic remote control and while we are not big enthusiasts of this type of feeble panel, it’s helpful to have it near at hand to adjust the volume or alter inputs. Just confirm you don’t drop it down the back of the sofa or other room staff.

We believe most users will be using the speakers’ advantageous Bluetooth streaming feature to listen to music without wire. However, if you want to play it with non-sources like CD players or TV, there are two pairs of RCA analog inputs around the back of the speaker.

Edifier attentively keeps correct cables in the box, so you can simply connect a wired music player, also. The speaker is not the most accurate or open sound, but the dynamics are pleasantly fluid. These Edifiers are neither smart nor big in size, so they have a good amount of weight to their audio. It provides guitar plucks, drum hits, treble, and piano clunk an enjoyably solid feel.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 Speaker

This is a 2.1 powerful computer speaker system. The Cyber Acoustics 92W PC Speaker System delivers a crisp and clean sound quality. The speakers are all surrounded by an acoustically balanced wood box.

It comes with a detached volume control panel. The control panel has a headphone jack, a LED power indicator, and an auxiliary input.

You find everything you have been searching for in a multimedia speaker system. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 model is great for gamers and movie fans. The magnetically protected satellite speakers can absolutely deliver clear and crisp audio while its subwoofer can generate chest-thumping strong bass. The set is quite simple to set up and play. The Acoustics CA-3908 is ideal for watching a movie, listening to songs, and gaming.

The CA-3908 speaker model is one of the most favorite gaming sound systems. It delivers a maximum of 92 watts of the highest power and 42 watts RMS. This speaker contains two 10 watts (10 x 3 x 2.25) inches satellite speakers. The speaker comes with twin 2 inches of high-efficiency drivers plus a passive radiator per satellite and has separable cloth grills. It also contains a powerful 6.5-inch pro series side-firing subwoofer in a tuned port wooden cabinet. All these speakers are magnetically protected and with a great flat panel design.

To highlight the Cyber Acoustics CA-3908’s latest and smart looks, it presents with Blue LED lights. These clear lights pulse to the punch of the music when the bass controller is turned up past 80%. You can also stream audio and connect your Smartphone, iPod, iPad, and any of your preferred devices. It presents with a cradle that you can play too for your music player smartphone when connected. The Acoustics CA-3908 control pod lets you switch the speakers on and off, and regulate bass and main volumes.

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II Speaker

Sound Blaster has been a familiar name since the golden PC age back in the ’90s, generally because of their broadly used internal and external sound cards. Creative continues to be a great music system in the gaming, home, and audio industries, presenting a lot of rated audio materials, headsets, and gaming sets.

The Creative’s Gigawork T40 Series II is their 2-speaker presentation for home desktop computers and laptops.

Creative has completed an outstanding job with the aesthetics of their Gigaworks T40 Series II speakers. Let’s face it; desktop computer speakers design is not just a region where companies always change. But Creative has placed mutually a compelling, minimalistic, and aggressive design. You can get the covers off to show the yellow accents on the drivers’ membranes. Opinion from our lab users, the color contrast seems excellent. Click the image to see the difference.

Although the T40 series II speakers feel well-balanced and strong, there is a hard plastic body all around. It gives them an excellent look, but we would have loved to see low glossy plastics and more metal. Power cable and audio Cables are good and solid, they nearly feel rugged. The adapter is quite small and simple to put under your computer table.

We played to have a comparatively old pair of Bose Companion 2 speakers at our lab table. Also, we like their stylish design and most of all, their outstanding sound quality. In our lab, we did a fast sound comparison between both of them with various music genres: Classic, Rock, jazz, metal and instrumental. Although sound reproduction was roughly familiar, we’d say the GigaWorks T40 has an edge on the Companion’s, particularly on Rock music.

Bose Companion 2 Series III Speaker

Bose has fame for manufacturing excellent sound systems. The Companion 2 Series III sound systems are no exception. While the audio can occasionally be a little muddy at small frequencies, and there is no detached subwoofer to amplify bass.

The speakers filled our lab room with high-quality sound when we tested, it’s powerful enough. The Companion 2 Series III speakers are Bose’s most reasonable choice–and you obtain a set of computer speakers ideal for audiophiles on your budget.

The Companion 2 Series III speakers are fairly small and low in weight but you should not underrate their sound. Bose is always recognized with the powerful speakers in class and the Companion 2 Series III is not an exception. Though, powerful sound and sound quality are two separate features check out the audio testing video below to know if you like the audio. We tried to record the audio as exactly as possible and also evaluated the outputs on the Companion 2 speakers, so you might acquire a concept of its sound value.

They offered an immediate upgrade for a fixed desktop computer in your home or office. It’s simple to hook up to your laptop for its portability and power. One input is aux in for any of your audio sources and another one, obviously, is for your PC. Bose provides a small jack-to-RCA wire for the computer or laptop, and a regular set of stereo cables for linking larger players. For good or bad, the two inputs are active together, so if two players are plugged in (Such as your iPod and Laptop), you have an unsorted sound. We, in fact, liked that; you can hear notification sounds from your iPod, desktop, or laptop even as you attached it to your music player.


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