The mop we are most familiar with is called the cut end wet mop. It’s the regular type of mop you’ve seen your mom use to clean the house or janitors to clean school floors. A spin mop is just a modern variant of the mop family.

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At first glance, spin mops may seem a bit complicated. It’s because most of us are just too used to seeing regular wet mops. But in reality spin mops are very easy to use and can be much more convenient than regular mops.

In this article, We’ll be discussing in detail how to use spin mops properly and also tell you why you should choose this over a regular mop.

So, let’s get started!

Spin Mop Using Guide | 7 Easy Steps

These steps are not so hard. These are not complicated for all. The steps for using spin mops are as follows:

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Based on which brand of spin mop you choose, the assembly can be a bit different. But don’t be alarmed. It should be fairly easy to do. The manufacturers keep ease of use in mind while designing these items. So it shouldn’t cause you too much of a hassle. Moreover, your mop should come with an instruction manual. So there’s nothing to worry about.

When you first open your package you’ll probably find a few standard things. Like the bucket, a wringer (sometimes pre-attached), and 3 or more parts for the actual mop.

First, take out all the things that come in the box. Attach the wringer to the bucket if it doesn’t come pre-attached. There should be a holder for the wringer on one side of the bucket.

Now it is time for assembling the mop. The mop handle should come in 3 or more parts. The parts can be screwed or clipped together based on the brand. After the handle, it’s time for the mop head and base. Put the plastic located at the back of the mop head on top of the base and then press down from various sides. You might hear some clicking sounds indicating the locking of the head to the base.

There should be a tube on top of the base. Enter the top of the assembled handle into the tube and screw it in.

We have found a video for your help.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled your spin mop.

Move the Furniture

The next step is to move all the furniture out of the room you are cleaning. A lot of dust can accumulate under your sofa and other furniture you have lying around in the house. It’s best to move them for thorough cleaning.

You don’t need to mop your house every day. Once or twice a month is enough. So move your furniture for proper cleaning. If you live in a dusty area and need to mop every day. Then do this at least once a month.

Sweep or Vacuum

Mops don’t work well if your floor is covered in too much dirt. If you mop a floor that is too dusty it’ll just mud up to your floor and make more mess. Mops are great at picking up the small amount of dust left behind after sweeping or vacuuming and cleaning wet and sticky stuff off your floor. So use it for that.

Use a broom or vacuum machine to remove most of the dust from your floors. Then use the mop to add that final clean finish.

Fill Water Bucket

This step is pretty straightforward. But make sure you don’t fill it too much. Remember that you need to drag the bucket with you. And doing that with a completely filled bucket will cause unnecessary hardship and may even be dangerous.

So fill it just enough so that the mop head can be submerged.


Grab hold of the mop handle and submerge the head in the water. Swirl it around a bit to soak it properly.


After wetting the mop head pull it up. Allow the water to drip. After a while put the mop head into the wringer.  Some mop buckets come with a paddle that spins the wringer. For others, the spinning mechanism is built into the map itself. Figure out which category your spin mop belongs to and spin the head or the wringer.

This will wring away excess water. Now, keep in mind that certain types of cleaning require a certain level of wetness. For example, if you are moping to just clean the dust off the floor then try to wring the mop a bit less to get a high level of wetness. Make sure the mop isn’t dripping to avoid smearing.

If you’re looking to clean a spill then wring more to get as little wetness as possible. This will allow the mop to absorb the spilled material better.


Finally, it’s time to do some cleaning. Put one foot on top of the head and bend the handle to a desirable angle. Mop the floor in a back-and-forth motion. When the mop gets too dirty, again sink it in water. Then wet and wring as mentioned above and continue moping. When the bucket water gets too dirty replace it with clean water.

After you’ve mopped the room floor completely allow it to dry. After that, you can bring all of your furniture back in.

Why Choose Spin Mops?

A problem with wet mops is their difficulty of use. Wet mops don’t have a wringing mechanism like spin mops. As a result, you can’t get the desired wetness you need for your specific task unless you’re ready to get your hands dirty. But that’s a huge inconvenience.

This is the main reason why you should consider investing in a spin mop. It will save you tons of time and labor.


We hope after going through this article, you have a clear idea of how to use spin mops properly. In this modern era when every aspect of life is just becoming easier and more convenient, you shouldn’t have to waste time and strength on just cleaning your house. A spin mop will make cleaning floors much easier for you.

So why wait? Order your new spin mop now and make better use of the time you save.


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